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Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, you've probably realized that the cost of energy isn't going down. No matter where your business is located, energy prices and electricity rates can fluctuate wildly, taking a huge bite out of your bottom line.

Thanks to energy deregulation in a variety of states, many businesses are now free to choose their own energy companies to save significantly on their energy costs. But choosing the right electricity and natural gas providers for your business is hardly an exact science. Plus, it takes time to sort through all the options, time you could be spending running your business.

Lower Your Energy Cost

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At Lower Electric, we're dedicated to finding the best energy solutions and electricity rates for your business needs, saving you the hassle and frustration of handling it on your own. Whether you're looking for providers dedicated to clean energy or just want to evaluate your options, we can help. Plus, we can often find ways to cut your energy costs or make your costs more predictable throughout the year.

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Electricity Rates

Electricity, used for so many tasks, is one of the most complex and volatile commodities. Used to light our world, run our machinery, power our technology, heat and cool our businesses and homes, even to run our cars, electricity is a 'fuel source' we cannot live without. The cost of electricity to run your business consumes a large part of your operating budget. Let Lower Electric help you secure the least possible price for your electricity supply.

Natural Gas Pricing

Natural Gas
Natural Gas is a prime fuel source for both electricity generation as well as for heating. Due to new EPA standards, natural gas is heavily relied upon as a clean fuel choice for the generation of electricity. Under the laws of supply and demand, natural gas prices can be very volatile. Are you paying too much for natural gas in your area? Let Lower Electric help you keep your natural gas costs under control.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Whether you'd like to do more to benefit the environment or your company is working toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for your building, Lower Electric can help you invest some, or all, of your energy budget into renewable energy sources. There are basically two ways to support growing alternative energy sources.

  1. We can get price quotes for renewable energy sources from various suppliers. You pay for your electricity as usual, typically paying a bit more to subsidize alternative energy companies.
  2. You can purchase Green Energy at any time. One Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is equal to one megawatt of green electricity. We'll help you determine how many RECs you'll need to purchase in order to get all or part of your electricity from alternative energy sources. Purchasing energy this way helps subsidize renewable energy companies up front and usually costs less in the long-term.

Resources for Energy Reduction


Most commercial businesses rely on budgeting to plan their fiscal year responsibly. Lower Electric can provide a yearly budget estimate, based on a current contract price, or an average future contract price*, to assist customers in planning their fiscal budget.

*Based on the average 'All In' cost of energy on the day the budget is created. Energy prices and electricity rates change at least every day.



There are several cities in the USA that require benchmarking for buildings of certain sizes. Benchmarking requires buildings to submit their electricity and natural gas usage, year over year, through an online portal. This results in an energy efficiency score for those buildings. Benchmarking may require verification periodically by an authorized verifier, a mechanical engineer or an architect approved by the city. The results may be required to be published. The purpose of benchmarking is to encourage action by energy inefficient building owners to make their buildings more livable, competitive and sustainable.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

We partner with companies that offer solutions in design, supply and logistics, and installation that offer customers optimal energy savings and measurable value. Our partners can assist with lighting retrofit solutions, utility rebates, HVAC systems upgrades and more to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your energy savings.

Doing What's Right for You!

While there are many power brokers out there to serve your needs, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by our commitment to service that starts with your first call!

And unlike other power brokers who are focused only on the price you pay, Lower Electric is focused on providing the BEST energy solutions for your needs. This might include the convenience of a single bill, the length of your contract or finding electricity providers that are committed to clean energy. We take your total energy needs into consideration when finding the right provider for your business!

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