Have you seen your electric or natural gas bill increase 20%-55% or more over the past several years? Would you like to reduce your electric and natural gas bills to improve your business' bottom line?

Take Advantage of Deregulation of the Electric and Gas Industries and Save!

Remember when you had only one choice for your telephone company? Today you have many choices as a result of the deregulation of the Telecom Industry. The same situation currently exists in the electric and gas industries. Many business and residential customers are now able to choose among several retail suppliers when they purchase electricity and natural gas.

Choice = Opportunity

The ability to choose your utility supplier creates a vital opportunity for you. It gives you the right to exercise freedom of choice, protect yourself against overpayments, and to switch from a provider if you are dissatisfied. Most importantly, you are able to choose a provider that can best meet your company's energy needs for the best price possible.

How Lower Electric Saves You Money

Lower Electric can help you take the steps necessary to reduce your energy costs. At Lower Electric we are totally independent and objective. Our mission is to provide our clients with the necessary knowledge to choose the lowest cost, highest quality utility supplier possible. To this end, we have partnered with several retail energy suppliers of natural gas and electricity which can offer you competitive pricing on all of your energy needs. Find Out More>>>

Don't Take Our Word for It...

Lower Electric has successfully assisted more than 2,000 utility clients in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Texas. We invite you to check out our client list and contact any of them to see how we helped them save money on their utility bills! We are also an endorsed service provider for a number of associations including the Tooling and Manufacturing Association, Printing Industries Association of Illinois and Indiana, Illinois State Fabricare Association and the Chicagoland Car Wash Association. Read More>>>

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